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Øsby Church

Øsby Church is a large, white village church, which was remodelled into a Gothic long church. You can see the remains of the original 13th century church at the bottom of the east wall.

The size of the church is unusual for village churches, as is the Gothic architecture, as most other village churches are Romanesque. The walls tell a story and contain the remains of a much older building.

The church has large, Gothic windows to the south, giving the church a bright and airy space with four sets of rib vaults. The ribs are decorated in Gothic frescoes, and on the northern wall of the nave there is a fresco of Saint George fighting the dragon.

A walk on the Camino Haderslev Næs brings you right by Øsby Church between stages 5 and 6. We recommend a visit to the church, especially because of the unique Gothic architecture and the size of the church.

The church is open during the daytime, from 8am to 8pm.



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