Universe Science Park

Universe Science Park

At Universe amusement and science park on Als you can have fun and expand your horizon at the same time.

It’s difficult to suppress a smile when moving around Universe amusement and science park, which lies just outside the town of Nordborg on Als. Judging by the enthusiasm exhibited by both adults and children on the various attractions and rides, there seems to be no doubt that the park has hit a sweet spot.

The idea of Universe was to create a place that could inspire children and youngsters with regard to science by letting them embark on a number of challenges. Universe thus defines itself as a mixture of amusement park and science centre. It was originally built by industrial giant Danfoss, and these origins are reflected in the nature of the activities. The majority contain – in addition to the entertainment aspect – an educational element, so you also learn something as you experience the park.

Universe Science Park

A good example is the WaterWorks section, where you can spray water and at the same time learn about hydropower. In the Blue Cube you get an idea of the enormous forces of nature involved in volcanic eruptions, lightning strikes and earthquakes that are illustrated in a very lifelike way. You can test your abilities within a number of areas such as your memory and motor skills. With regard to the latter, the Segway track is extremely popular.

You can learn a lot about the technical universe at Universe. Science is presented in a playful way through fun experiments, whilst you also have the chance to build things yourself.

Although there’s plenty of action in most of the park’s activities, there are also more peaceful sections, and Universe is therefore a great place for both children and adults to enjoy a day out.