In Sønderjylland we drink Fuglsang

If you walk into a bar or café in Sønderjylland and order a beer without specifying a particular brand, you’ll probably be served a Fuglsang. Fuglsang is the major local brewery in Sønderjylland that many of the locals swear by when they wish to enjoy a beer or soft drink. 

Bryggeriet S.C. Fuglsang A/S, to give it its official name, was founded by Søren Christian Fuglsang back in 1865, and the brewery is thus more than 150 years old. It has remained a family business, and today Kim, Claes and Henning Fuglsang make up the fifth generation in charge of the brewery. Fuglsang is also Denmark’s oldest family-owned brewery.

The brewery has always been located in Haderslev, where the large, pale factory building towers above the landscape. The family also owns a malting house that supplies malt to Fuglsang’s own brewery and to several other Danish and foreign breweries, such as Flensburger-Pilsener and Jever-Pilsener. The malting house also supplies malt to several producers of Scottish whisky.

Today, Fuglsang’s production comprises 12 different types of beer and 11 different soft drinks. The oldest soft drink brand is Chabeso, which has featured in Fuglsang’s range for more than 80 years. One of the brewery’s most distinctive products is its draught beer: it isn’t pasteurised, which means it has a shorter life, but a fresher taste.

Fuglsang is very conscious of its location in Sønderjylland, and the brewery is therefore a great supporter of local elite sport. Fuglsang has enjoyed fruitful collaboration for many years with Sønderjysk Elitesport, which – under the SønderjyskE name – competes in football, handball and ice hockey at elite level.

In conjunction with this, local sports fans have elected a so-called fan beer called Blue Bird, which Fuglsang has developed and brewed specially for them.

A proportion of the earnings from sales of this fan beer are channelled back to SønderjyskE.