Common cattle show in Sønderjylland

Agricultural Show

More than 20,000 people visit the agricultural show when 'Det Sønderjyske Fællesdyrskue in Aabenraa opens its doors to the public in June. It’s a chance to see modern-day farming up close and enjoy the experience of meeting animals and farmers.

There will be mooing cows, roaring tractors and an extensive variety of farming machinery in Aabenraa.

The agricultural showground will be home to live animals, large machines and thousands of guests when the traditional Southern Jutland agricultural show exhibits everything that farming has to offer in 2019.

The farming profession is celebrated at the agricultural show, where cattle, sheep, horses, goats, hens and rabbits are awarded prizes, whilst dealers of agricultural machinery, garden tractors and animal feed display their respective range of goods. You’ll also come across farming associations, a couple of car dealers and a cow you can milk by hand – just like in the good old days.

The main attraction for many visitors is the huge animal show, where farming animals are exhibited and appraised by competent judges. The best animals will receive prizes of honour, and the proud farmers will meet their peers in a good-natured competition to ascertain who has the most attractive animals. 

Common cattle show in Sønderjylland

Food is also in focus at the agricultural show, where a special food tent displays a selection of the excellent wares found in Southern Jutland. Here, you can meet a range of local firms and have a chat with committed producers that have dedicated their lives to producing top-quality delicacies.

On Friday, the agricultural show is focused on children, with local schools and nurseries taking the chance to visit the show. The children are often so enthusiastic that they take mum and dad with them on Saturday to experience the whole show one more time – despite the fact that unlike many other agricultural shows in Denmark, it doesn’t have a tombola or bumper cars, but only the animal exhibits.

This year between 20,000 and 22,000 visitors are expected, the majority of whom will have experienced the agricultural show before. The large agricultural show is characterised by traditions and a great atmosphere that people enjoy returning to experience year after year.