Gram Castle

Gram Castle: Sønderjylland's Organic Engine

If you ever do your shopping at the Rema 1000 supermarket chain, you’ve probably tasted one of the products.

We’re talking about food from Gram Castle, which is one of Denmark’s largest organic farms. Covering no less than 1,400 hectares, grain, potatoes and onions are the farm’s main produce. Milk production comes from 350 dairy cows. The entire production is sold to Rema 1000, which has a wide range of products from Gram Castle on its shelves in the supermarket chain’s 250 stores throughout Danmark.

Gram Castle is owned and run by husband and wife Svend and Sanne Brodersen. They bought the castle in 2007 and immediately began converting the farm to organic production. According to Svend Brodersen, they took this step for both economic and environmental reasons. - First of all, it’s more profitable to run an organic farm. Furthermore, there’s great personal satisfaction in knowing that by not using chemicals and mineral fertiliser you’re not harming the natural surroundings, explains the owner of the castle.

Gram Castle

The entire production at Gram Castle is organic, and the castle is without parallel Southern Jutland’s biggest producer of organic foods. As Denmark is one of the countries with the largest relative percentage of organic production in agriculture, and as Southern Jutland, in particular, is a market leader, Svend Brodersen often refers – with a twinkle in his eye – to the region as “the world’s organic grain store”.

Although food production is the primary business, there are also other events at Gram Castle, including guided tours of the castle, concerts, exhibitions and festivals. Finally, it’s possible to stay overnight on site and eat at the castle café.

Gram Castle


Supermarket chain Rema 1000 is absolutely delighted with its collaboration with Gram Castle. Svend and Sanne Brodersen’s attitudes to organic farming and sustainability are very much in line with our own values. At the same time, we have great confidence in Gram Castle in terms of compliance with organic guidelines, says Anders Jensen, purchasing and marketing director at Rema 1000. 

The chain purchases around 20 organic products from Gram Castle, and goods from the castle account for around 10 % of the organic products in the discount chain. At the same time, Gram Castle is the largest single supplier of organic products. According to Anders Jensen, Rema 1000 is experiencing a continued increase in demand from its customers for organic products.