Frydendal Ismejeri og Gårdbutik

Frydendal Farmshop

At Frydendal near Dybbøl, they make their own ice cream which is sold under the concept of Farmhouse Ice Cream.

If you love ice cream, but want the genuine article without artificial additives, then you should head for Dybbøl.

Here you find Frydendal, which is a farm with 300 animals – 150 of which are Friesian dairy cattle. The farm also has an ice cream dairy that makes homemade ice cream, which is then sold in the farm shop.

Peter Philipsen has owned Frydendal since 2007, and he is the fourth generation of the family to own the farm since 1900. His parents still help out on the farm.

Peter sells his homemade ice cream under the Farmhouse Ice Cream concept (Bondegårds is), which comes from the Netherlands and stipulates that you must have your own dairy cattle and you mustn’t use artificial additives.

The dairy currently produces around 10,000 litres of ice cream per year – and has spare capacity. Only a minor part of the milk production is used in the production of ice cream – with the rest being sold to the cheese dairy in Taulov.

Peter Philipsen has also begun making his own butter, which is also sold in the farm shop. The cream is skimmed off the milk and churned to make butter. Buttermilk is a by-product of this process, and Peter produces a special type of ice cream from this.

Frydendal’s farm shop has plenty of ice cream to choose from, with no less than 37 varieties, including ordinary ice cream, buttermilk ice cream and sorbet.

During the summer, ice cream cones are the most popular, whilst ice-cream cakes and tubs of ice cream are primarily sold in the winter.

In addition, ice cream from Frydendal is also sold by the local Brugsen supermarket and other farm shops, whilst the ice cream is also served at several restaurants.

The farm shop is open all year round. In addition to ice cream, you can also buy butter and beef from the farm’s own cattle, as well as other items such as chicken, fruit juice and spices.