Kroghs Grønt

Fruit & vegetables from the Krogh family

If you pass a roadside stall selling fruit and vegetables in Southern Jutland, there’s a good chance that the produce comes from Kroghs Grønt.

The market garden is situated in the village of Sottrup close to Tønder, where it’s also the site of the large farm shop. In addition, the business has several stalls scattered throughout the region, at which you can also buy their produce.

Kroghs Grønt is run by the couple Dorthe and Kristian Krogh, who some years ago also had milking cows. Since then, however, they’ve devoted their business full-time to the production of fruit and vegetables, with a clear goal of growing crops of the very highest quality.

At the market garden the primary crops are strawberries, potatoes and peas. In addition, there are beetroot, onions, beans, carrots, artichokes and other vegetables grown on a smaller scale.

Kroghs Grønt

Kroghs Grønt is a family-run business that also has three permanent employees and 35 seasonal employees. The latter are employed during the summer months, which is the busiest time of year at the market garden.

Kroghs Grønt is known for products of high quality. This means that as well as selling to private customers, a number of the market garden’s products are sold to restaurants and hotels in the region.

Kroghs Grønt

The farm shop in Sottrup is very popular. You can also get a guided tour of the farm, which includes free samples of the products found at the market garden. These products aren’t just fruit and vegetables, however. Kroghs Grønt also has its own cider mill, where apple juice and strawberry drinks are the primary products. Other products include syrup, raspberry juice and elderflower. In future, the market garden will also produce jelly, juice and marmalade.

If you live in the area and have a large portion of something you want to have juiced, Kroghs Grønt can also help. You can pop in and hear how the market garden can help you make your own apple juice or similar.