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Hotel and Restaurant Fakkelgaarden

Photo: Hotel og Restaurant Fakkelgaarden

Great Gourmet Experiences: Fakkelgaarden in Kollund is one of a number of excellent restaurants in Sønderjylland

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Hotel and Restaurant Fakkelgaarden
Køb gavekort
Hotel and Restaurant Fakkelgaarden

The summer evening is still young and darkness has yet to fall. From the circular dining area there’s a fantastic view of Flensburg Fjord, on which kayaks and a handful of yachts glide silently by.

We’re at Restaurant Fakkelgaarden, which is situated in the town of Kollund, right on the cusp of the Danish-German border. During the next few hours we discover that the food is absolutely on a par with the view in terms of quality, with one beautifully presented and delicious dish after another being served. We simply surrender to the wonderful taste sensations.

Photo:Hotel og Restaurant Fakkelgaarden

At Fakkelgaarden the concept is simple: a single unit price per course, so it’s just a question of trying a number of delicious courses. Under the leadership of Head Chef Esben Krogh, dishes are served which take their inspiration from both local ingredients and French cuisine. Focus is on local ingredients of high quality, whilst the menu is revised during the course of the year in order to accommodate the season’s best ingredients.

Since opening in 1992, Restaurant Fakkelgaarden has received many excellent reviews, and is regarded as one of Southern Jutland’s very best restaurants. The restaurant itself is housed in a round tower which makes up part of Fakkelgaarden’s complex of buildings. From the water, the characteristic yellow buildings with red roofs can be seen from a great distance. Fakkelgaarden also contains a hotel with 26 rooms and suites.

Photo:Hotel og Restaurant Fakkelgaarden

According to Head Chef Esben Krogh, however, it’s the restaurant that provides the focal point. - People typically come here to eat at the restaurant, and then often book a room so that they don’t have to worry about ordering a taxi after a dinner with good food and wine. 

Fakkelgaarden is owned by the Fleggaard group. Before it became a hotel and restaurant, the buildings were home to both a hostel and a cultural centre. 

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Hotel and Restaurant Fakkelgaarden
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