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At Elmegården you can hold parties, shop in the farm shop, try Farm wellness and enjoy a farm holiday.

Few family-run businesses in Sønderjylland have such a wide variety of things on offer as Elmegården, which is located in Sommersted near Haderslev.

If you’d like to try being a farmer for a few days and help feed the animals, drive a tractor and work in the fields, then Elmegården could be just the ticket. Here, you can enjoy a farm holiday and live on the farm.

In addition to meeting livestock consisting of beef cattle, free-range pigs and sheep, you can also enjoy the farm’s many pets – horses, rabbits, hens, goats, ducks, geese, cats and a dog.

During the summer months you can also get acquainted with around fifty young lambs, in addition to which it’s a pleasure to see free-range pigs loafing around and enjoying the great outdoors.

You don’t have to stay on the farm in order to visit it. You can also drop in and have a look around, and pay a visit to the farm shop, at which you can buy a wide range of the farm’s own products, such as cuts of Hereford beef, free-range pork and free-range lamb.

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You can also buy award-winning cheeses that are produced at the farm’s own dairy. It may be Denmark’s smallest dairy but has nevertheless won several prizes for its cheese.

Homemade butter and ice cream are also produced at the dairy and can be bought at the farm shop. Elmegården is owned and run by husband and wife Ryon and Lisbeth Petersen. It’s an old family farm that’s been handed down through three generations since 1945. Lisbeth and Ryon have had the farm since 1980.

In addition to all this the two of them keep busy by running the local village hall and a catering business, where Lisbeth does all the cooking.

Furthermore, Elmegården is an open farm, where classes of schoolchildren, kindergartens and senior citizens’ associations can pay a visit and get an impression of life on a modern farm.