Destilleriet Als

Destillery Als

Five friends have opened a distillery on the island of Als, where they produce high-quality gin in four different variants. You can get a guided tour of the facility and taste the distillery’s products.

All over the world small gin distilleries are popping up, and now there is one on Als. Five friends joined forces in 2017 to open a distillery on Sønderjylland’s biggest island – and it’s got off to a tremendous start.

The man behind the project is Krestian Muusmann, who got the idea when he was completing his master’s degree in Innovation and Business Development at the university at Alsion, where he wrote a paper on the production of whisky.

The disadvantage of whisky production is that it must be stored for a minimum of three years before you can sell it. Making gin is somewhat quicker, and so the five friends went down this route.

For months they experimented until finally they found a taste they liked. They called the gin “kalas”, which means “great and lavish party” or “large amount of something good”.

Apart from juniper berries, which is the basic ingredient in any gin, the five friends added cardamom, camomile and zest of lemon and orange to make “kalas”.

The first production hit the market in August 2018, with the 200 bottles being sold within the first hour. Today, the distillery produces an average of 4000 bottles a month.

In addition to the classic “kalas”, the five friends have developed three more variants: one containing rhubarb; the second with sloe picked on the Gendarme Path; whilst the third is matured in oak casks.

According to Krestian Muusmann, sales of “kalas” have been great from the start, and the gin can be bought in most parts of Denmark today.

Destilleriet Als is located on the outskirts of the village of Høruphav on Als. You can participate in a guided tour and taste the different types of gin, in addition to which events are also occasionally held where as a visitor you can try to make your own gin.