Agerskov Kro

The award-winning inn in Agerskov

For the past four years Agerskov Kro & Hotel has been voted “Hotel of the year” by Denmark’s biggest hotel chain.

It’s a bit like entering a time warp when you step into Agerskov Kro & Hotel, which is located in the town of the same name in the central part of Sønderjylland.

Large paintings on the walls, dark furniture, deep red carpets and curtains, a grandfather clock and old-fashioned lamps dominate the interior, and many visitors will probably be reminded of the homes of their grandparents.

This old-fashioned style is popular with the guests, however. Agerskov Kro & Hotel has been voted “Hotel of the year” by Denmark’s biggest hotel chain, “Small Danish Hotels”, in each of the past four years, with the award being based on ratings given by guests at the chain’s inns and hotels.

The many honours are not only due to the physical settings, but also the hospitality and friendliness for which the establishment is renowned.

Agerskov Kro

There has been an inn on the site since 1659, with the current red-painted building dating back to 1881.

Landlady and landlord Bodil and Peter Otte haven’t been around quite as long, although they’ve been running the inn since 1 April 1976. At that time, Agerskov was only an inn; since then, rooms have been added to make it a hotel with a total of 53 rooms.

On a typical day the hotel has 60 overnight guests, with 80-110 guests dining in the restaurant. Since the turn of the year, Agerskov has seen a in Agerskov The award-winning inn gradual generational succession, with the couple’s children, Hanne and Lars Peter, assuming more and more operational responsibility.

The food at Agerskov is a feature in itself, with no evidence of either French cuisine or the New Nordic food wave on the menu.

At Agerskov there are also many extremely loyal guests, including a couple who’ve been on a mini-break at the inn no fewer than 65 times!