Haderslev Lake Boat

Haderslev tour boat: Dorothea

Following the launch of “Dorothea”, a tour boat will once again be making trips on the lake in Haderslev.

If you’re visiting Haderslev, you can once again – after a break of some 25 years – sail on a tour boat on Haderslev Dam, which is Sønderjylland’s biggest lake.

In June 2018 “Dorothea” embarked on her first excursion on the lake, and by the end of the year had sailed with more than 9000 guests, including many schoolchildren, with the boat having been chartered no less than 151 times for school trips. As “Dorothea” didn’t sail a full season last year, it’s expected to be able to transport even more guests on the lake this year.

Haderslev Lake Boat

The lake is surrounded by spectacular countryside, boasting a deer park, reed beds, alder wetlands and seeps, in addition to water lilies, reed zones and some groves. Haderslev Dam is an artificial millpond and is one kilometre wide and almost six kilometres long.

Haderslev Lake Boat

Sailing excursions on Haderslev Dam are nothing new. They first began as long ago as in 1902 on the ship “Frieda”, which was succeeded in 1939 by “Turisten”. This boat sailed on the lake for 20 years until disaster struck on 8 July 1959. A fire broke out on the boat, and 57 of the 93 passengers onboard either drowned or burnt to death.

In 1964, sailing trips recommenced on the ship “Paragraf 5”, followed in 1969 by “Margrethe”. In 1993, sailing trips ceased once more and only resumed last year on the brand new, electrically- propelled “Dorothea”, which was built at Gilleleje Bådebyggeri. The vessel has 62 seats and is almost silent thanks to its electrical propulsion.