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Scenes from an increasing number of films and TV series are shot in Sønderjylland. You can visit several of these locations yourself, as well as trying your hand at being an actor or film technician.

Sønderjylland is a popular location when shooting scenes for films and TV series. When travelling to the region, there’s a good chance you find yourself in a place that has been used as a film location.

Although some distance from Copenhagen, where the majority of Danish films and TV series are shot, Sønderjylland has become an ever more popular location in recent years.

Some of the films and TV series are based on historical events that actually took place in Sønderjylland. Worth mentioning in this regard are the TV series “1864” and the films “April 9th” and, most recently, “In Love and War”. Furthermore, a lot of scenes in a number of series with more contemporary content have been shot here – including “The Team” and “Unit One”.

Several of the scenes were shot at the actual locations, and as a visitor you can follow in the footsteps of the actors at a number of places in Sønderjylland. Good examples of this are the trenches at Dybbøl Banke, where the great battle in the TV series “1864” was fought, and Havnbjerg Mill, where the main character, Esben, conceals himself in the attic in the film “In Love and War”.

In addition, you can saunter through the historic cobbled streets in Haderslev, where the final scenes of the film “April 9th” were shot.

In Love and War - Filmtourism

One thing is seeing where the film was shot; another is trying your hand at being an actor, a film technician or a stage manager. At Universe Science Park on the island of Als, you can try it all. The science park has a film studio, with sets from the film “In Love and War”.

You can test your abilities as an actor in a scene with some of the actors, or you can work with various special effects, see you and your family in slow motion, move cameras and much more. You can even get a digital version to take home with you of the recordings made on the set. See more at

The world of film has truly reached Sønderjylland in earnest.