Kunst Museum Panbo

Art Museum Panbo

Christian Panbo is the man behind Kunst Museum Panbo, an art museum in Aabenraa where visitors can see a large number of paintings from the ‘Golden Age’.

As an art collector, what do you do when there’s no longer room for all your works? Do you sell a number of works from the collection or do you find another solution? If you’re Christian Panbo from Aabenraa, then you open your own museum.

To get the full story, however, we need to turn back the clock a little.

Christian Panbo is a qualified carpenter and owns a company that produces sustainable houses made from wood. He also has a passion: he collects Danish paintings from the so-called “Golden Age”.

The paintings originally hung on the walls in his office, but in the end there wasn’t enough room for them all – with seven or eight paintings tucked away in cardboard boxes.

Kunst Museum Panbo - maleri af Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg

In the summer of 2017, however, Christian Panbo had an idea: he’d build a museum so that he’d have enough room for all his paintings and the general public would also have the chance to admire his many works.

As a building constructor, it wasn’t difficult to erect a museum building, which is actually located on the same plot as his company. The museum opened at Easter in 2018. Kunst Museum Panbo contains more than 50 works, the majority of which are Danish Golden-Age paintings, including a number of works by Eckersberg and Skagen painters P.S. Krøyer and Michael and Anna Ancher. The museum also owns a small Picasso, whilst in the cosy café you can see works by Storm P.

It isn’t all about paintings, however, as Kunst Museum Panbo also has one of H.C. Andersen’s original manuscripts in its possession.

The museum is open Sunday-Friday from 11-16, during which time there’s a good chance of meeting Christian Panbo. He acts as custodian at the museum and has moved his office across to the museum building in order to run both the museum and his company at the same time.