Borderless culture

For many centuries, artists from at home and abroad have gravitated towards Sønderjylland to find inspiration and immerse themselves in their chosen field. Entire colonies of artists sprang up – and painters, sculptors and designers found everything they were looking for in Sønderjylland.

Wherever you travel in Sønderjylland, you’ll always come across small galleries, unique exhibitions, theatre, sculpture parks, specialist museums, exciting design and creative events, in addition to several acclaimed art museums and permanent exhibitions. So regardless of whether you prefer popular or elite culture, household names or experimental art, avant-garde or revue, you’ll find it all in Sønderjylland.

A tradition that dates all the way back to the Middle Ages and which is still popular in parts of Sønderjylland.

Springtime at Gråsten Palace

Castles and manors

The castles in Sønderjylland are home to both historic museum, art museums and much more. Don't forget to visit the beautiful castle gardens and parks.

   Scenes from an increasing number of films and TV series are shot in Sønderjylland.

In the last weekend of August, Tønder is home to one of the best folk music festivals in Europe.

For us, a good name is an artist who can create a great atmosphere and captivate their audience.

Brundlund Castle

Brundlund Castle

Brundlund Castle in Aabenraa focuses on art produced by artists from Sønderjylland.

Sperm whale at "Kommandørgaarden" on Rømø

Maritime History

Sønderjylland has a long and rich maritime history, and mariners, whalers and the roaring sea have all left their mark on the region.

In Tønder’s old water tower you can see an exhibition featuring works by one of Denmark’s greatest furniture designers.