Pamhule 3D-archery

In Pamhule near Haderslev, anyone can test their skills as a hunter on the local archery range.

If you’ve always dreamt of being an Indian for an hour or two hunting with a bow and arrow, now you have the chance in the village of Pamhule, southwest of Haderslev.

This is the site of Pamhule 3D Buebane, where, armed with a bow and arrow, you can hunt wild animals. They aren’t live animals, however, but large foam animals that almost look like the real thing and are the same size. The animal targets include stag, turkey, bear and fox.

The archery range was established back in 2010 by married couple Rikke and Lars Iversen. Three years previously they had opened the nearby hunting store, where, among other things, they sell bows. The archery range was first and foremost a practice range for the local archery club, but in 2014 it was also opened to visitors.

Initially, business was modest, but gradually more and more visitors began to arrive. Today, Rikke works full time at the archery range, with the summer months, in particular, seeing a large influx of guests. They come from all over Europe, particularly from the Netherlands, Germany and – of course – Denmark.

A visit to the archery range begins with equipment being issued. At Pamhule three different types of bow can be used – compound, longbow and recurve. You then head out to the practice range, where you begin to familiarise yourself with the equipment. Finally, you’re ready for the actual course, where a round of 14 targets lasts between 1½ and 2 hours. 

An instructor accompanies you on the course to ensure your safety and to keep score. The animal targets are each equipped with a target, where the rings represent different point scores. It’s possible to shoot from different distances, and thus experienced archers and novices can compete against each other. At the end of the tournement, there’s always an "award ceremony" for the best bowman.

According to Rikke Iversen, a large number of groups compete on the course, where birthdays, company events and stag nights often facilitate a friendly competition with bow and arrow.