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Padborg Park

Formula 1 at Padborg Park

If you’ve always dreamt of driving a real Formula One race car or smashing the pedal to the metal in a top-tuned sports car, then your dream can come true in Sønderjylland.

The circuit was opened in 2003 and has a 2150-metre-long racetrack, which is the second longest in Denmark. It’s a classic circuit with four right-hand corners, five left-hand corners and a chicane.

Padborg Park is best known as the venue for several races every year, with the biggest drawing up to 10,000 visitors. Events include “Denmark’s fastest car”, the Danish Endurance Championship and a Super GT night race. 

The races are just one of the many activities at Padborg Park, however. All sorts of other things are organised, such as tests of cars and motorbikes, driving courses and various other events.

Padborg Park has a number of racing cars at its disposal that guests can rent and drive – including a Formula One car that has previously featured in the world championship, as well as a number of other fast cars.

You therefore have the chance to get behind the wheel of a real F1 car – of course with comprehensive instruction prior to being let loose on the track. If you’d like to experience the speed of a race car, but don’t have the courage or the skills to get behind the wheel yourself, you can also book a car with a driver.

It’s also possible to hire the track and race your own cars or motorbikes, which is particularly popular amongst motorbike clubs.

According to circuit owner Tom Pedersen, such events primarily attract men, but more and more women are getting involved – particularly on bikes.

Padborg Park lies close to the Danish-German border, and thus attracts a lot of guests from Germany.