Acture Park


Photo: Acture Park

Do you love action and nature? Then visit the area between Haderslev and Vojens that offers speed, excitement and attractive countryside.

The name ACTURE PARK is a combination of the words Action and Nature - those words describe exactly what the concept is based on. 

Here, you can get your pulse racing on a mountain bike in the woods, race a gokart or shoot at a life-like foam animal with a bow and arrow - to name but a few of the activities on offer. You can paddle a canoe, try to hit the other members of your family on the paintball course or hang on by your fingertips on a 30m high climbing wall. And much more...

ACTURE PARK is a collaboration between a range of different activities along Tunneldalen – a picturesque valley that runs from Haderslev to Vojens. The name is a combined designation for the many different nature and action activities that the area has to offer. And you can find all relevant information in one place, thanks to a common website and booking system.

The idea of ACTURE PARK is to draw attention to the many activities related to action and nature that have been established in the valley over the years and to pool them under a single name. ACTURE PARK can be regarded as a sort of gigantic theme park where you can put together your own programme and buy a ticket to the things you want to try – e.g. the skater park in Haderslev, Speedway in Vojens or angling at the lake at Vedsted.

There’s something for everyone at ACTURE PARK, and it’s easy to split into smaller groups if your interests diverge. Some of you can take a picnic with you and enjoy a quiet bike ride in the woods, whilst others can visit Fighter Wing Skrydstrup and learn more about the high-octane world of the F-16 fighter jet. In the evening you can meet up for something to eat and discuss the different adventures you’ve experienced during the day.