MOJN Kort 2020 - dit sønderjyske fordelskort

- your benefits card in Sønderjylland


In Sønderjylland the added experiences on your holiday are given pride of place.

As a guest at several places to stay in Sønderjylland, you’ll be given a MOJN card. If you present this card at selected attractions, the MOJN card will add something extra to your experience. 

See which benefits you’re entitled to receive with your MOJN card here. 

If you’re not staying overnight at one of the places of accommodation that’s a partner in the MOJN card scheme, then you can purchase a MOJN card at The card applies to your entire household and is valid for the remainder of 2019.

Family experiences

History Centre Dybbøl Banke

Show your MOJN Card at the Post Office and receive one shilling (old Danish currency) per child (max. 3 children per MOJN Card).

Nature Centre Tønnisgård

Get a 10% discount when presenting your MOJN Card. Not valid for carriage rides.

Rømø Play- and Labyrinth Park

All children with a MOJN Card receives a free slushice when visiting Rømø Play- and Labyrinth Park.

Universe Science Park

Free rocket workshop for all children with a MOJN Card.

Vesthop - Rømø Playpark

Get a free slushice for each child who has paid the entrance fee when presenting your MOJN Card.

Vojens Skating Ring and Swimming Pool

Save 10% on entrance tickets when presenting your MOJN Card.

Active Experiences

Als Football Golf

Receive a 10% discount on the entrance ticket when presenting your MOJN Card.

Als Segway

Every Saturday between May 1st and October 1st you receive a 10% discount on the trip "Guided tour of Kegnæs" when booking for at least four people.

Blokarts at Rømø

Receive a 10% discount when you buy your tickets online.

Canoe rental - Haderslev Dam

Get a 25% discount on canoe rentals by Danhostel Haderslev when presenting your MOJN Card.

High Park Sønderjylland

Get a free pair of gloves when you book climbing in High Park Sønderjylland.

Padborg Park

3 rounds of high speed! Regular price: DKK 599,- per person. When presenting your MOJN Card: 2 persons DKK 749,-

Pamhule 3D Archery

Get a 10% discount when purchasing tickets online.

Uge Football Golf

Families with at least 4 people get a 50% discount when presenting their MOJN Card.

Other Experiences

Funbowling Sønderborg

Book one hour bowling and get the second hour for free when presenting your MOJN Card.

Bowling in the Skærbækcenter

Get an extra hour on the bowling lane when presenting your MOJN Card. The offer is only available if there are free lanes.


When purchasing lunch you will receive a free coffee, tea or soda as well as biscuits when presenting your MOJN Card.

Hotel Sønderborg Strand

10% discount on the breakfast buffet when presenting your MOJN Card